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Back to School...Yeah!!! Bring the Sprit of your children in a Tile Wall
The Tile Wall is a popular fundraiser for schools. It builds excitement and pride with a lasting dedication to the children who traveled these halls. Each child will create a one-of-a-kind art piece with uplifting pictures and messages to pass along to the next generation. Students can created their own inspirational quote related to character building traits, motivational sayings, innovationÖetc. Each class can work together to come up with a quote or several quotes to place on the tile wall. Your Tile Wall creates a pride for the students and teachers to leave their legacy as well as beautiful art dÈcor for the school.

Now That Is a Fundraiser!!!
Schools have raised up to $50,000 for their schools on one Tile Wall project. Think of all the wonderful items you can purchase for your school! It is a fun project enjoyed by all for many years....

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